DJI - Phantom 4 RTK
DJI - Phantom 4 RTK
DJI - Phantom 4 RTK
DJI - Phantom 4 RTK
DJI - Phantom 4 RTK
DJI - Phantom 4 RTK

DJI - Phantom 4 RTK

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Phantom 4 RTK

Visionary Intelligence with Elevated Accuracy. This is DJI's most compact and accurate low altitude mapping solution.

Key Facts

  • 20MP 1" CMOS - Distortion Calibrated with undistort parameters
  • Mechanical & Electronic Shutter
  • Max Flight Speed: 58 km/h
  • Take Off Weight: 1,391g
  • Front, Rear, Side, & Below Collision Avoidance
  • Position Hold: RTK Enabled - Vertical & Horizontal ±0.1m
  • Position Hold: RTK Disabled - Vertical ±0.1-0.5m Horizontal ±0.3-1.5m
  • Mapping Accuracy: Meets requirements of ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Digital Orthophoto's Class III
  • Ground Sample Distance: H/36.5 (cm/pixel)
  • Data Acquisition Efficiency:
    • Max Operating Area: 1km²
    • Height: 182m
    • Typical GSD: 5cm/pixel
  • Max Transmission Range: 7km
  • Reference Postion Data Sources:
    • DJI D-RTK 2 Ground Station
    • Remote Connection via 4G Dongle to Custom RTK network using NTRIP
    • Remote Connection via WiFi hotspot to Custom RTK network using NTRIP
  • Meta Data Location Position: Centre of CMOS sensor
  • TimeSync System

Note: This platform is not compatible with other Phantom 4 Remote Controllers, the remote controller for this platform is specific and unique to it. It is however compatible with Phantom 4 Batteries & Quick Release Propellers

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